Love your neighbor 

            as you love yourself…”

Here at South County Church of the Nazarene we want to be practicing students of all that Jesus taught.

We don’t have it all down but we believe that God’s gift of Grace inspires a love for God in us. That love compels us to honor God by living out the faithful truths of what it means to be human beings loved and coached by an amazing God of mercy and justice.

We worship God, revere Scripture and care for one another.

Jesus challenged us to follow His example. Vital to real community and actual faith-living is the charge to love our neighbors as we would love ourselves.

So, we are on a mission.  We call it:

The Good Neighbor Initiative.

Learning together we are becoming a community of faith,

offering hope because of God’s Love.

Together we can offer hope-giving resources to our neighbors by making the same kinds of life-building events we would provide for our own congregation available to our friends and neighbors.

Together we combine our strengths, skills and talent to offer tutoring, support groups, small groups, health and wellness events, children and teen activities and compassionate service opportunities locally and globally.

We’d be honored to call you friend and neighbor too.





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Missouri District Church of the Nazarene

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